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Didarchtik kicking off on the Dutch-Belgian border

September 21st - 23rd, 2010 It was not so easy to bring all participants of 9 organisations to a seemingly lost farm in the borderlands together. It was well equipped, the weather was good and we had a great “home-cook”. Over a period of two days, under coordination of EXARC the ins and outs of the Grundtvig Learning Partnerships were discussed – and the application was explained in more detail as not all people present had actually been involved in writing it...

Our two Grundtvig Learning Partnerships got accepted

In August, 14 members and EXARC itself all got the news, our two Grundtvig Learning Partnerships got accepted. We are happy to announce, almost all partners of the application 'Zeitgeist' have been accepted by their respective national agencies. Unfortunately, our two Italian members were left out, probably because the number of Italian applicants in general was far more than in any other country. We are sorry to lose a good specialist and an experienced museum in this project, but will try other ways of cooperation with them...

Grundtvig preparation meeting

February 11th - 12th, 2010 Days before Carnival broke loose, 20 representatives of from about 14 members of EXARC met for two days in Oerlinghausen (near Bielefeld, Germany), the archaeological open-air museum where EXARC once had its first meeting. This seems like a large group, but when initially all EXARC members were asked if they were interested, no less than 25 had responded...

The potential of the Grundtvig

At a formal EU meeting in Amsterdam, EXARC understood the potential of the Grundtvig adult learning programme for its members. This EU cooperation programme is much smaller and more easy to implement than the larger Culture or Interreg projects are. Many members were interested and this subject will be followed up in 2010.