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Last Product of Didarchtik

Motivation Manual Didarchtik
Grundtvig Learning Partnership 2010-2012
Coordinated by Parco Archeologico didattico del Livelet

Looking back at the project as a whole

Looking back at the two years of Didarchtik, VAEE (NL) performed an evaluation, which included feedback from almost all Didarchtik partners. VAEE has been instrumental in evaluating each step in the project, for which many thanks. In our manual, prepared by Archäologisches Zentrum Hitzacker (DE), we gathered all information of what we learned during those 2 years.

EXARC Marketplace gets a boost

The EXARC marketplace is the showcase for our members’ skills – from ancient crafts to museum management, from education to experimental archaeology. Willing to take on commissions or consultancy?

An online glossary in 10 languages

One wish of EXARC has come true: over the past two years 15 members have cooperated in two Grundtvig Learning Partnerships (Didarchtik and Zeitgeist) and as one of the results from that, we now have got an online glossary with words we often use and cannot find easily in dictionaries.

Didarchtik cooperation successfully concluded

The meeting at Butser June 12th – 14th, 2012 focussed on teaching adults through themed products and artefacts. The meeting discussed how an education visit with organised activities for adult learners can be handled versus non-organised visits of adults...