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Meeting in Oerlinghausen, February 2010
A total of 18 members of EXARC met for a 2 days’ workshop in Oerlinghausen in February 2010 in order to prepare the application.

Grundtvig Learning Partnership - Didarchtik

EXARC and a number of its members applied in 2010 for a Grundtvig Learning Partnership. Grundtvig is a part of the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLLP) of the European Union which among others involves Leonardo and Erasmus. It is focussed on adult education and in our case involves several museums, open air museums, universities and high schools. We work with our partners from across Europe to share practice, discuss problems and compare solutions on our particular topics. Obviously our project will be about non-formal learning in different aspects, the plans were developed between the partners. While writing an application two projects have been formed: Didarchtik and Zeitgeist. This is the website about the first one. See also Meetings, which we are going to hold and read about the Members of Didarchtik.
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What's happening ...

Two projects successfully completed

EXARC had two adult learning projects running for two years from August 1st 2010 onward. These projects, Didarchtik & Zeitgeist, were about adult education in archaeological open-air museums. EXARC was the Coordinator of Didarchtik, and took an advisable role in Zeitgeist.
Dozens of people from 14 EXARC members have visited each other extensively, taking a look in each other’s kitchen...